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✓ Have all your contacts in every app ✓ Take all your contacts with you by syncing with your smartphone ✓ Syncs your contacts regularly ✓ Save time by avoiding data entry ✓ Eliminate duplicates ✓ Show caller ID of your CRM contacts on your phone ✓ Reach more recipients with newsletters and other marketing tools ✓ Take your contacts with you when switching CRM software or operating system ✓ No software required

This app combination is planned already.

Use all contacts of Apple iOS and UCware in both apps

Instead of having different contacts in Apple iOS and UCware,® keeps them perfectly in sync. So you can use all contacts in both apps.

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Take all your contacts (e.g. from Apple iOS or UCware) with you on your smartphone

You are on the road and want to call one of your customers? No problem, because® syncs your Apple iOS and UCware contacts right to your smartphone. Call your customers wherever you are!

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Fully automated sync between Apple iOS and UCware

No manual interaction required anymore.® keeps Apple iOS and UCware contacts fully automated in sync - again and again.

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Save time by avoiding manual data entry within Apple iOS and UCware

Never export and import all your contacts over and over.® saves a lot of your free time by syncing Apple iOS contacts with UCware for you. Start doing something more valueable in your new free time.

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Avoid and eliminate contact duplicates in Apple iOS and UCware

Find, eliminate and avoid contact duplicates automatically.® will save you a lot of hassle with this ugly topic everybody else struggles with - no matter if in Apple iOS or UCware.

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Show caller ID of your Apple iOS or UCware contacts on your phone

Make your phone know who is calling you.® syncs your contacts from Apple iOS and UCware right to your phone so it knows the caller ID already when it starts to ring. Make your caller smile and greet him personally when taking the call.

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Reach more customers with newsletters and your other favourite marketing tools

Finally make use of all your contacts within your company your phone know who is calling you.® syncs your Apple iOS and UCware contacts by syncing them with your favourite marketing tool (newsletter, automation, live-chat,...). This is how you make money of your business contacts.

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Take your contacts with you when switching from Apple iOS to UCware (or other new software, operating system, device,...)

Simply take your contacts with you however you change your software. Works with Apple iOS, UCware and other countless apps.

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No software required - it all works in the cloud

Start easily and immediately. You do not need any kind of hardware, server or even technical skills.® comes an easy and secure cloud service just syncing your contacts.

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Apple iOS

iOS is part of Apples mobile operating system for iPhones and iPod touch.

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UCware gives you the freedom to communicate without borders. Eliminate the hassle of analog communication systems that require a dongle, no matter where in the world you are. With UCware's SIP-based VoIP feature, your desk phone can work on any computer with access to high speed internet.

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About®® is your perfect cloud service to keep Apple iOS and UCware automated and regularly in sync. It connects to both softwares and syncs contacts and much more.® is a service of phonebridge GmbH, an accurate German software company, which manages your customer data with maximum privacy.® is a perfect alternative to PieSync, PhoneMondo® (trademark by Scavix Software GmbH & Co. KG) and many others.